Lever Ball Valve FxF, B series

Full bore ball valve MIRAYA B Series is used to intercept the fluids in hot and cold water supply systems, including systems with drinking water, heating, compressed air and hydrocarbons transportation.

Code Size Weight Packaging
102201 1/2″ 182 g 60 pcs
102202 3/4″ 286 g 48 pcs
102203 1″ 456 g 18 pcs
  • Firm stem packing is provided by two gasket rings: one is made of FPM (Viton®), the other one is of NBR.
  • Super strong fixation of valve body halves is ensured by use of Loctite® anaerobic sealant.
  • The stem and the handle retaining nut are both made of brass keeping the valve safe from staining.
  • Enlarged handle ensures more comfortable grip.
  • Handle has two eyelets for sealing.
  • Body: hot-pressed brass CW617N, bright nickel plating.
  • Stem: brass CW617N.
  • Rotating ball: brass CW614N, chrome plating.
  • Handle: aluminium.
Technical Properties
  • Full bore design.
  • Actual size of ball passage corresponds to nominal diameter and is equal to 15 mm for a ½” valve.
  • Operating temperature: from -20°С to +120°С.
  • Operating pressure: from PN16 to PN40 (depending on diameter).

Video displays basic design for all B series ball valves.