White Mini Lever Angle Ball Valve with Union FxM, B series

Full bore ball valve MIRAYA B Series with union is designed for installations when pipe rotation is impossible, or it is necessary to ensure ease of dismantling in the pipeline section in future.
It is used as stop valve in hot and cold water supply systems, including systems with drinking water, heating, compressed air and hydrocarbons transportation.

Code Size Weight Packaging
104501 1/2″ 271 g 45 pcs
104502 3/4″ 428 g 24 pcs
  • The union is sealed with O-ring washer made of graphite-filled fluoroplastic. This material has good heat-resistant and wear-resistant characteristics compared to regular soft gaskets. It is possible to reinstall the union several times and you don’t need to replace o-ring washer.
  • EPDM gasket on union thread allows to mount it without additional sealing materials like dope or teflon tape.
  • Firm stem packing is provided by two gasket rings: one is made of FPM (Viton®), the other one is of NBR.
  • Super strong fixation of valve body halves is ensured by use of Loctite® anaerobic sealant.
  • The stem and the handle retaining nut are both made of brass keeping the valve safe from staining.
  • Mini lever handle made of aluminum alloy combines compactness of butterfly handle and grip convenience of lever.
  • Body: hot-pressed brass CW617N, bright nickel plating.
  • Stem: brass CW617N.
  • Rotating ball: brass CW614N, chrome plating.
  • Handle: aluminium.
Technical Properties
  • Full bore design.
  • Actual size of ball passage corresponds to nominal diameter and is equal to 15 mm for a ½” valve.
  • Operating temperature: from -20°С to +120°С.
  • Operating pressure: from PN16 to PN40 (depending on diameter).

Video displays basic design for all B series ball valves.