Mini Level Ball valve, with nut and gasket FxM, specific for under boiler use and for meters connection.

Ball valve MIRAYA is used to intercept the fluids in hot and cold water supply systems, including systems with drinking water, heating, compressed air and hydrocarbons transportation.
Code Size Weight Packaging
107101 1/2″ 203 g 75 pcs
107102 3/4″ 236 g 60 pcs
  • Firm stem packing is provided by two gasket rings: one is made of FPM (Viton®), the other one is of NBR.
  • Super strong fixation of valve body halves is ensured by use of Loctite® anaerobic sealant.
  • The stem and the handle retaining nut are both made of brass keeping the valve safe from staining.
  • Body: hot-pressed brass CW617N, bright nickel plating.
  • Stem: brass CW617N.
  • Rotating ball: brass CW614N, chrome plating.
  • Handle: aluminium.